Anthem of the heart: personal review

I enjoy movies alot, but I don't think I've gotten lost in one as much as this movie.. It's speechlessly amazing (heh, pun unintended).

I was able to really relate to this movie, I still to this day cant say the words I want to say, I fear that people will see me differently and I've trapped my real feeling in a online persona. The only time I think I say my real words is after a pint or two. (Note to reader I am a light weight and get hyper active easy). I loved this movie. Everything about it. I really want to watch it again and relive it without people laughing at some of the most heart breaking moments I've ever seen.

I really wanted to cry, I seriously wanted to. It was paced, captured well even the music was done perfectly.

I wish I did things in my life differently after seeing this movie. I want to explore more and be able to escape somewhere which isn't my room.

Anyway this movie obviously is a must see.