Day 1 of upgrading to an SSD

Okay, to start this... What made me think about upgrading to an SSD?

Its fast, yeah we all know this but I have always been curious about getting an SSD, but the mainly reasons behind me not getting one is the life span of them aswell as the size and price. Over the past month I've been constantly thinking about it and with the HDD I had starting to act weird and slower than usual aka this:

I would run the usual check for virus's, check logs for errors, looked at the processes using high disk and there was nothing. To 70% fix it I had to "refresh" my laptop.

So end of the reason, I looked at SSD's and after alot of torture I said, YES I have to do this.... even if its not the best time to be doing it this will improve everything. So yesterday after a lecture I got home and whilst having lunch the doorbell rang. It arrived before I could make any backups of vital things. So I quickly did that, well it took a single 20 minute episode. After that I switched it all off, disconnected the power and started the procedure.

The SSD is installed, no issues, that was easier than I thought. Put in Windows 10 Installation USB and it booted straight to that... Kinda worried at this point, normally I would have to do other stuff. but started the new install and started episode 2 of Vikings. Going through the steps of manually setting up partitioning, it went to the screen of starting install. I was a bit confused how the copying over section was done quickly but I ignored it and watched viking.

7 minutes in, just as the opening finished. My laptop was asking for my wifi password... at this stage I'm really confused, what is happening.. usually this takes 20-30 minutes. So I go through all the steps and see that the creation of the user is far faster than before, before I knew it I already created another user and logged into it. So knowing in the past theres always issues after restarting I did that. So normally it would take about 20-30 seconds for the laptop to boot, now its more 5 seconds maybe not that but wow its fast...

So installation process, painless and crazy. Next issue not all HP drivers installed... saying my system is not verified, but you can always manually install drivers so thats good.

So after installing everything I was finally at the stage of trying things out, and yes its fast. I've gone from 90mb read to 550mb read... its changed everything. websites render faster, everything compiles faster and I can browse source code faster than before. Everything feels fluid and natural. I don't know if my old HHD was dead or causing something but this laptop feels new. Even now I have things running like normal and my fans are not as loud.

So I've leave it here since in general this upgrade is:

  • too fast
  • i'm scared
  • who needs a macbook