I want to set my self daily goals

Tomorrow marks my 45th day of using Todoist.

And it has shaped me quite a bit, so usually I just keep in mind things I need to do, but most of the time I usually forget to do them or just ignore them. So since starting using todoist I have found myself being more productive and remembering do tasks I should be doing.

So with just around 6 weeks remaining on working on my honours I want to start settings daily goals in regards of working on honours project to university modules and general life things.

As most would say, setting a goal in todoist feels like a sign in the ground, I have until this day or this day and time to complete this. So when I set goals for functionality for my honours project I found my self aiming to get it finished for that goal, and most of the time succeeding. Its been motivating me alot and I hope it continues to do so.

There isn't really much to really say in terms of this post other than I want to set daily goals. I'm growing tired of doing what I'm doing now, I want to adventure more and do different things. I spent 10 minutes reading up on Kumquats and was really interested. Maybe cause its asian and well I like asian things a bit too much. but hey, no harm in that. But what I mean is, I want to try new things, like how I'm really into sushi now.

But I guess I will have ways to go to start of with, I think things are going to get stressful with university very soon.