Its being submitted

My honour's project is being submitted in the next few hours, I'm nervous.. not because my progress or leaving things too late to do. I've been really good and not required any late nights or working past midnight. But I guess that's is also a cause for me being nervous, however, what I do know is the slight rush or something putting files together and proof reading has caused the nervous ness.

I printed both copies of the report, read the how they will mark it guide and saw that they are marked based on if its been proof read, which of course I've read it over and over again. But when I read over the paper again I noticed grammar issues, so I went over it all again and fixed some. So with that caused a bit a panicking. The other one was writing the wrote module code on the coversheet, but that was easy to fix. Another was that one of my references said I accessed a site in 2015.

But with it all burned onto DVD's and i've supplied a USB copy, I've fixed too many issues that I shouldn't be having to fix. and I guess that is what has made this so nerve racking to me. That I now feel like the report is lacking and missing content. Even if I know I have spoken about everything and added everything thats required I feel like I have done something wrong.

But with submission coming up very soon, I just hope I can submit painlessly and be able to prepare and do the demo without worry.