Its Time Again

But this time its the Time 2. Okay first off I will be discussing the new Pebble Time 2, not the core (I am really interested in that) or the Pebble 2.

So last year I backed on Kickstarter for the first time for the Pebble Time, I was curious at first not having been a watch wearer before and unsure about the changes required to use a smart watch. I also made the mistake of cancelling my pledge throughout the Kickstarter causing me to get my Pebble in the last EU batch. That was a hellish time whereas a friend had it for almost a month before I got mine. But before I start reflecting on the changes with the Time 2 I want to discuss just how wearing the pebble has affected me.

For the time I have worn the Pebble Time I have noticed my habit of always checking my phone almost completely disappearing, I would love to say it was almost gone but sometimes you can't ignore a chat group that reply a bit too often. But other than almost breaking my habit of checking my phone, I have become more aware of my sleep and daily steps, I have gone from trying to choose the laziest method of getting from point A to B, to pushing myself explore, take different routes, walk somewhere instead of jumping on the bus. I love this new attitude as I am slowly becoming more and more interested in photography again.

Side Story: I purchased a point and shoot so that I am able to shoot high details photos without having to carry my DSLR everywhere

But I love the changes owning a smart watch has done to me.

So the new Pebble Time 2

Wow, this looks amazing, even if it is just the Pebble Time Steel, I love how it looks. The bigger screen is going to make a huge difference, I can't wait to see how watchfaces and images will be on it. As a side note my main watch face is the music time watch face which shows my currently listening to album artwork.

There really isn't much I can extend on to which can say how awesome this is, I want to know what they have changed to the OS, since there has been some changes, some really interesting changes like the peaking notifications.

The example is a calendar event so for events like that this is a lot more interesting as a full screen notification can be overwhelming for something as simple as a calendar event. I am assuming that you will be able to expand it into a larger view for more details. But I am really interested about the changes OS side. Will we finally get weather alerts without it being pins?! by the looks of it, yes!

The addition of the heart rate sensor is good, I really wanted to see Pebble add this, and its great that they have been able to without affecting the battery life, it should be interesting to see if they have had to add in a larger battery.

I am glad they haven't forced us onto a new watchstrap width, having a collection of watch straps already and by the looks of the removal of the leather band for the Time 2, I am safe in terms of watch straps.

So as of right now this is really all I can say about it, I am really interested and excited about this new pebble and can't wait to get my hands on it.

Did I mention I'm backer #21

How did you do that...

I checked the pebble Kickstarter 10 minutes before the countdown. It was already up...

So I'm cutting the post here, words can't describe how excited I am with the new Pebble and the improvements they have made. The only disappointment is the lack of NFC and partnership with Android Pay to provide NFC payments, but then again I have my phone for that. The watch is not a replacement but simply an extension to make life easier and simpler.