I'm Graduating

So it's been a while now since I've retrieved my results for my university course and I guess its still not fully sunk in how much of a big deal it is.

I have been awarded a First Class Honours.

Why I believe its not fully sunk in is the fact I also got an AA for my HND in college. So i've managed to go through both paths of education and get the highest mark possible. Putting this into contrast of my Highschool grades which were far lower and almost would have prevented me from getting anywhere. aka I didn't take education seriously until college and look what I have achieved.

Anyway I've done it, I've secured most jobs and now I can move onto starting my career without thinking about my grades or marks during university. So for the week following this I've been happy, the same night I organized to go for a meal with friends to celebrate our achievements. but for the week I've been happy about my results but it kinda made me realise that even though I've come out with high grades, I have never achieved an award. I kinda like this thought because its something that I could have done better and will motivate me, because I can complain about that.

However, that changed.... I retrieved an email recently telling me that I will be awarded an NCR Award for my achievements... so that kinda shocked me. The one thing that I never achieved throughout education and just now I have achieved it...

I guess the best part about it is the fact we get given money as part of it. a whole £23.80.

So leaving it there, I am graduating this coming Friday (24/06/2016) and I'm kinda nervous, I don't know what will happen and how it will go. All I know is that this might be the last time I will ever see some of my friends since we rarely spoke outside of university. I am also excited because its now all over.

So with university over, I can start a new chapter and hopefully it will lead the same path I have used throughout university.