Starting full time wasn't what I expected

I don't know if its the fact I've worked part time there or it wasn't exactly the biggest of entries to full time.

So I have been full time for 2 weeks now and I feel I have learnt alot already. I spoken to people who I may have never spoken to before and already being challenged. But my journey to being full time wasn't exactly the most exciting.

After weeks of pushing for full time and then for it to be delayed for more weeks, we were set a programming exercise to see how we program. So put in short there is 1 spot and its for me or my friend. And this is where it becomes not so exciting, I really wanted this job, I put in alot of effort in preparing and revising knowledge. Then whenever I talk with my friend he has the attitude of challenging it as it confronts him. Which is impressive. But knowing that he wasn't exactly looking to get this job and was just doing it damped the spirit of it all.

So when it came to being told who was going where, I was almost pushed into the team I wanted to be in since he had chosen first. I didn't complain it was what I wanted but I didn't exactly fight for it.

But ignoring that I got the job, I got into the team which will lead me to more exciting and challenging stuff. But as it came to me having moved into my own flat for the first time and we went into work on monday. We had a meeting with someone and it ended up basically being that I was put straight into the new team. Again I'm not complaining about that... but I kind of wish they gave me a week to prepare and finish the work that I had done. I kinda just dropped everything and went off.

I've still not spoken to a work friend who is still away/on holiday. its all different now and I feel like its going to take a while to get into routine and everything.

I've been with this team before and I guess that made the introduction short, as a team I'm only starting to talk to them more, and that's 2 weeks after starting. I'm trying to avoid what I had in the internship where I didn't communicate with anyone in the team. I want this to be different.

But in general going full time hasn't been great. I wish people spoke to me, I kinda wish the lead developers or managers spoke to me asking how I'm getting on. I've kinda been left to my own devices since I started, which hasn't led to any issues but I feel kinda isolated still. I hate that they have put me to a desk which if I want to communicate with anyone move around. no one is at the desk in front of me and the desk itself is not that stable. Another thing was when I was asked if I had everything I was just given a spare monitor and that was it. I've supplied my own mouse and I might have to aswell for the keyboard since I have a US layout laptop. That is one thing I'm still confused about, even the person who gave me the laptop is confused to why I have a US layout keyboard. I don't hate it but I don't even know if there going to supply me with a proper keyboard thats not UK layout.

So where I'm seeing people getting told they have a budget to get 2 monitors, and other stuff. I've been provided with the minimum. Kinda feels weird considering the team I am on.

But regardless of all this, it has been wierd. I want to move onto real work. But I'm kinda scared that even with the preparation that they are getting me to do, its not going to be enough for me to write production code. My main worry is that I haven't programmed in Java in a long long time and to be writing heavy knowledge stuff is scary. But I think I should leave this here since I could go on forever about how I feel I'm not ready but in all honesty I'm excited and happy.

I'm doing something different and moving onto doing something that is going to be more awesome and exciting once I get the hang of it. Even if my friend thinks its lame. I don't care if its Java, I'm getting to do something more powerfull and it will lead me to better places than where I would have gone if I had stayed on with JavaScript.

So with this post done, I guess this is a different turn of blog posts since I'm no longer a student and I've got so much more responsibilities now. Guess this will be a post for when I've been here for a month which is in a week.