Its been a while

So for the past 2 week, my VPS was constantly being taken down due to an attack. OVH consistently telling me that there was nothing wrong, I've abandoned that server for a dedicated server with Kimsurfi. In the essence of it, they are the same provider.. but I guess this should be better.

Update about work

So I've been working at my job for over a month now and I'm getting the hang of things, I still have a way to go and thats fine. So compared to my previous post not much has changed, other than I'm able to do alot more of the work they ask of me.

Pebble 2 update

Well its been months since the announcement, it is no more. So I am now awaiting the new Android wear's and jumping ship. Not really much to say on that front.

Personal Life

Still pretty rubbish, for reasons I still don't want to discuss but since the last post, I've probably hit the worst thing in my life and I still to this day don't know how to handle it. Problem being is that I've got no one to talk to and I'm developing these wierd reactions and not being right in the head sometimes.

But I have taken a goal which I want to remain secret for a while until I know I am committed to it. Which should help me overall. I need to take everything one step at a time.

On another note, it looks like I will keep looking for a new flat aswell, since the landlord is wanting to sell this place. We are sort of just wanting to move before we are suddenly told we have to go. Rather go out in our own pace than in a rush.

I want to get back into blogging, I feel like there are things that are good to tell over twitter and some that needs to be in big writing. But I need to figure out the best way of doing that.

Hoping that this is a good update. I still don't know of anyone who has actually read these..