Koe no Katachi

Koe no Katachi is one of those anime's that catch you off guard even if you come prepared.

This isn't the first time I've watched the movie however, it still kicked me and I think I kicked me even more than before. The movie itself it around bullying and the result of human nature of wanting to stay out of trouble but always wanting to resolve ones self issues to make them feel better.

So in a way I want to say that I can completely relate to this story, I can't. I only partially relate. I'm not a bully nor am I a deaf, but I understand the main character's (Shouya) struggle in communication and being social. For years and even now, I can't look people in the face and if I do, I can't speak my mind and I always regret doing so. It is much easily to see people and communicate from the ground that it is to there face.

I don't know if I have the right to speak to my old friends like nothing happened, I don't know how to socialize to make new friends and I don't know how to engage with my work colleagues without it being work related.

The movie itself speaks really deep down to me and I kinda hate the movie for that but I just love the movie as aswell. Kyouto Animation with there trend of 3D visuals and music at that time fits the mood and scenes perfectly, creating this impact of really understanding the characters struggles.

I'm seriously really happy I got to see this again, It makes me want to push myself to become better and improve myself.

Tomorrow as part of Japanese Film Week I will be watching the documentary Tsukiji Wonderland. So I may do another wee post of that or any of the other movies if I find there worth sharing about.