Germany and the results

Germany was an awesome trip, it wasn't a huge tourist trip or a trip to enjoy ourselves to the max. It was a more relaxing and enjoyable trip, mainly to see the Tour de France Departure in Dusseldorf.


Its been over a month now since I was on the trip, so it is hard to really discuss it. All I know is that I was able to get some really awesome photos, but I really can't describe this trip in terms of photos.

Actually one of the most painful things was primarily with my DSLR. The sensor is prone to getting dust on it super easily, and there seems to be a scratch that requires me to edit out later. For example the image above required alot of editing just to remove marks.

All photos that included the tour de france was ruined with other people also trying to take photos

There really was only the one day which I got all my favorite photos, but these mainly being ruined with the previously mentioned sensor mess.

I think if I was to ever go back to Germany, I will plan a longer trip, maybe east Germany.

Though to end this on a high note; Germans do love there beer. If you sit down at a bar, instead of being greeted or asked anything. They will just say (being 2 people) "2 Beer?" and all we have to do is nod and they will come back with half pints of beer.

I guess thats one thing I will miss from this trip, is the great atsmosphere. Eating out is so much fun because you are surrounded by many other people having fun.